Chapter 1 Brainstorm Climax: Necromancer Turns the Tables

The brothers sneak through the ranks of the undead to speak with the necromancer. They try to solve the situation diplomatically, to prevent further violence. They seem to have the upper hand, with their newfound ally cutting through ranks of zombies with his battlehammer. The magic of the brothers is also fierce enough that they feel confident they can undo the rogue wizard’s shambling army. But then, the necromancer tells everyone to shut up. It’s his turn to speak.

In his possession is a journal. From it, he insinuates, he has learned spells that none of them have encountered before. Uttering just a few strange words, his shambling army is suddenly equipped with black armor and spears. The heroes are literally fucked.

One way the characters could survive is that the villain feels so superior, he leaves them behind unharmed, because they pose no threat to him. i’m thinking he has studied magic so deeply, he’s unlocked teleportation magic. he teleports right into the middle of the city the main characters were trying to protect from him, and he kills everyone.

after everyone is dead, the order of the reapers kills him and the zombies. but why didn’t they act any sooner?

Technology of the world?

I always imagined this world as being medieval. But why would they stay that way after thousands of years? I had this idea that the world is very static and that’s one of its core problems. While it’s a paradise, it’s a very stilted world that’s dying to its lack of innovation and reformation. Advanced technology could even be hoarded away by the kings and aristrocrats who want to remain in power.

Perhaps magic is so potent that most things can be done with it. Nobody needed to create machines. Perhaps the normal people have grown corrupt and lazy too, because there is always summer and crops grow around the year. This could cause all sorts of problems. And lack of a seasonal cycle would affect the cultures. Has there never been any natural disasters, really? Could there be a couple ones that happened and they were a big deal, because they never happen? How would people even interpret such events?

Brainstorm: Order of the Reapers

The secret organization battling the strange plague would be ancient, with long roots. Do the have political affiliations? Sponsors? Are they independents? Are they corrupt and bought, or independent agents?

I’m thinking the FBI with teleportation powers and some dark arts magics and cool scythes. Grim reaper secret police!

What’s their hierarchy and internal structure? Are there leaders, specialists, scholars, field agents, medics even? How large is the organization, where do they have offices? Do they make money somehow? Do they have dayjobs? Is “reaping” a freelancing gig?

Do they kill people? Probably. Do they have prisons for the undying? North Korea style concentration camps?

Necromancer Background Brainstorm

He should be someone that brings into reader’s attention a central conflict in the world. Like a terrorist type character, who wants to punish the government for their misdeeds. Revenge for a past war. Corruption in politics or religion, or similar.

A highly intelligent person or a stupid wizard who just got his hands on something that gave him more power than he should have? A dangerous villain, someone beyond redemption? If he is killed by the end of his arc, the entire story gets a dark moral tone that suggests characters will be killed when they are beyond redemption.

How did he get his power? Item, accident, learned something, stole it, someone gave it to him?

Chapter 2 Brainstorm: The Legend of Sensaros

Stories of his atrocities are numerous. His motivations a mystery, he was a soldier that became a deserter and ultimately a betrayer to his nation, which he wiped out from the map before disappearing. It’s been said, Sensaros had no army, he was a one-man army. His blade, the origins of which are shrouded in mystery, could end entire armies.

A lone warrior is seeking to uncover his weapon. Like Sensaros, he too holds a grudge against his country. The brothers make friends with him, as they have the same goal to uncover ancient writings.

The Journey Begins…

A world at the edge of the universe. The near-lightless sky has but a few stars at night. Every few thousand cycles, they become fewer in number. As if something is devouring them.

This world has no sun, it is its own light source. Eternal summer. No storms, no earthquakes, no natural disasters. Paradise. Or so it should be…

A strange affliction plagues the nations of this world. Robbing its victims not of sanity or their health, but their mortality. These deathless men bring untold havoc to the world, ending entire civilizations.

There is a legend. That in birthing the world, the two gods awakened something in the dark. Something with a mind but no form. A venomous whisper worshipped through the eons by maddened cults. Two lidless eyes that stalk the sleepers. Choosing its champions to carry out its ravenous carnage. The gift of undeath. A prayer, to extinguish the last lights of the universe, so it may sleep again.

Bloodlines dating back to the beginning of creation have been muddied. But they are not lost. A secret organization with remembrance permeating the ages seeks to maintain a dying world order by any means necessary, hunting the deathless, isolating old bloodlines.

This silent war is in vain and they know it. The last hope for the world is to die slowly. Resolved to lord over a slow decay, they fight in the shadows as whisps with scythes.

Hunger is growing. A great famine threatens populations as the nights grow longer and longer, as if whatever has been feasting on the stars is walking among the living.

A consensus is emerging among the leaders of nations that survived the genocides of past centuries. The study of ancient legends and languages cannot be allowed, lest the people would understand. Why their families are dying. Why the nights are long and where the stars are going.

The historical society, politically neutral academics collaborating across the borders of nations, is persecuted, forced underground. Their study of the oldest known language becomes forbidden.

But not all is lost. The keys to salvation may yet lie in ancient texts, but the truth is elusive. Old records are altered, to fit whatever petty reasoning justified the retouching at the time. The image they paint of times past may all be lies.

Two brothers from a desert city are hunting for these stories. If only there was more time…




Chapter 1 – Necromancer in The Desert

“You come from Sharam… a city besieged by sand, and more recently, the living dead. Your past, my dear boy. I see death in there. Unshed tears, frozen in your heart, growing darker by the cycles that consume your youth. You carry a heavy burden from which you have no salvation. I’m afraid you won’t easily shed this weight…”

The short hooded figure barely nodded, but the elderly woman noticed regardless. The difference in age between them was easily decades, but it wasn’t so obvious. Whatever other arts she was dabbling in seemed to be preserving her appearance. Her deep voice betrayed her though. She drew another card from her black deck.

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