Remanor, Capitol of the Revisor Empire

The military nation of the revisors spans centuries. Formerly a race of hyper-muscular slaves that was specifically bred to serve as physical labor for an advanced civilization that perished mysteriously, the revisors survived their humble beginnings and became a dominant culture with the most powerful warriors and smartest tacticians the world has ever known. The secret to their power is a strange ore they mine from the mountain near which they built their capitol, Remanor. This ore they use to craft impenetrable armors and unbreakable weapons.

There are stories that inside of the mountain, there rests a relic of divine origin that is turning the rock into another mineral entirely. This has never been confirmed, as there is no path into the mountain’s depths. No other place on the planet is known to host this specific material, which is why the empire built their capitol near the mountain, with the bulk of their army there.

Extremist groups

Extremist groups are interesting to study. When a society has problems and huge disagreements, there tends to be a rise of extremism which the established power structure tries to suppress, creating the very demons they try to exorcise. These groups can be very complicated and difficult to define. The story should definitely have a few extremist groups that the brothers meet and interesting characters within these organizations they interact with.

For example, since we have crazy cults that worship murderous gods, we could also have groups that champion freedom of religion. Perhaps the aristorcracies are attempting to ban religion, as these cults are getting more powerful in the wake of famine and social problems increasing, but this is opposed by other groups who view religion as a positive.

Cults of the snake god

The snake god has been worshipped by numerous cults and in organized religions. Bloody sacrifices have been made in its name. Ancient temples from different eras built in its honor can be found throughout the lands. However, no towns are built around these temples, as the rumors say, people will go mad in their proximity.

The snake is not the only pagan god that has inspired mass murder. Unspeakable abominations have been depicted in statues and artworks by reclusive communities hidden in the darkest forests of the world. Fang and claw and long heads, lizards with holes in place of eyes. Smiling fanged mouths. Worms with wings. Like some unspeakable nightmares that artists failed to fully captivate in their waking hours. Something so primal, it escaped the senses.

Magnus, leader of the reapers, gets lectured by his ex

Magnus is the current leader of the reapers. He is young, his predecessor was killed in field duty. He had to assume command before he was ready, and while he did a stellar job at rallying the order in the face of an onslaught of rogue wizards wrecking havoc across the three kingdoms, he was too insecure of his position, afraid to push for reforms the order severely needed. As times have quickly changed, the order is under pressure to adapt. They are simply too undiplomatic with their approach, preferring always to use brute force to advance their agendas.

Magnus recruited a slew of female magi to quickly bolster their ranks, and ended up sleeping with the best female reaper. She goes rogue. When they finally meet after her departure from the organization, they have this exchange:

G: “Violence is not always the answer! It’s the easiest answer, because you don’t want to spend the effort to think!”

M: “I think through my every decision with care. You know I do. I will not have you lecture me, traitor!”

G: “Traitor? I’m on your side, Magnus!”

M: “You left us in our time of need. That’s what traitors do.”

G: “You really believe that? There isn’t always a no-risk solution to complex situations, Magnus!”

M: “One magus gone mad will inspire other madmen! We have to purge them and everyone who survived them! Nobody knows magic exists, nobody will explore. We save many more lives! It’s mathematics, you can’t argue against that!”

G: “But that’s not true! Magic is everywhere, people just use it in secret! They use it to solve problems in their lives!”

M: “Then they’ll die!”

G: “I want to believe in a better world, you silly man! I know in my heart you’re not a killer!”

M: “You don’t know me. And your actions have cleared my thoughts on this. Women should never be reapers!”

G: “But there are no reapers without us! There are more female magi than male magi! We get a vote on how the order should be, and right now there are more of us, because you blockheads keep getting yourselves killed! There’s your math, Magnus!”

M: “I’ll take those as your fighting words.”

G: “No! I’m trying to reach you, but you never listen!”

M: “Since you’re so eager to usurp my position in the order, then ready your scythe!”

G: “Don’t do this, Magnus. While you were fighting to keep the order intact, I was fighting actual wizards. I’m stronger than you.”

M: “Then don’t hold back, woman.”

G: “You’ll die…”

Female reapers and further backstory for the order

Incidents and powers of rogue wizards have been increasing in recent years. The order of the reapers has been losing agents, as their opponents have become overwhelming to deal with at times. They’ve recruited female magic users to bolster their dwindling numbers. But while these killer ladies were obedient to the old code of conduct for a time, a cultural shift has been taking place. The order’s cynical methodology for dealing with problems, namely, killing all the rogue wizards and maintaining absolute secrecy of their order’s existence even at the cost of killing all witnesses. Basically, these guys kill everybody, and the female reapers go along with this for a while, until the sheer stupidity of it starts to piss them off.

And thus, perhaps a more diplomatic order will begin to emerge. Softer methods, less killing everybody. But the resistance within the order is fierce…

Medieval Fermi Paradox

The magic of this world is unrestrained. Once you know the words of spells, you can cast them without restraint. So long as you can speak, at least. All magic is oral. But this poses a challenge for societies. While magic allows societies to develop rapidly, they also implode quickly. It doesn’t take more than the discovery of a few spells for rogue wizards to destabilize a society. One wizard with ambition and some social skills can rally angry lower class peoples into terrorist organizations and start fighting for power. This likely destroyed many prior civilizations. It could even be the real reason the history of the world is steeped in bloodshed and the technology stuck at medieval level. No society has been able to restrain magic enough to advance beyond a certain level. Hence the world is so polarized, with extreme potential and extreme destitute.

Random conversation about love: Boros and Karma at the campfire

B: “So, what made you such an edgelord, boy? Did you at least fuck her?”

K: “I made a vow. Sticking to it.”

B: “A vow to fuck her? Know where she lives? I’ll help keep her down. Have as many rounds as you like.”

K: “No.”

B: “Bet her ass was flat.”

K: “You’re not going to drop this inquiry all night, I feel.”

B: “Bet your ass. I can keep this fire going all night. Axe up those woods and make a pyre. You won’t sleep anywhere in this shitting forest.”

K: “It’s not a complicated story…”

B: “Hush, hold a moment, I got seasoning for our kill tonight in my bag.”

B: “Smell that? The roast is spot on based on the smell. Nice and crispy, blood dried up.”

K: “She was mine. I told her secret to someone. That’s how it ended.”

B: “Even my axe is yawning.”

K: “That’s a scary insinuation! You would kill me, if I don’t entertain you?!”

B: “I’m bored, not murderous. The insinuation was for you to add detail, lest I will fetch wood for the fire. Reference to the earlier part of our conversation.”

K: “You’re irritating… and aren’t barbarians supposed to be idiots? I frankly feel that I prefer barbarians without a reading background.”

B: “You are cornerned, my edgy friend. I won’t apologize for this inquiry. Give me my bedtime story!”

K: “Don’t be surprised when a future traveling companion poisons your food.”

B: “HAH! I’ve stockpiled antidotes for any poisons you may conjure from this forest, and even the toxins native to your hometown. Now, fess up your story, or we’ll be here all fucking night!”

K: “I vowed. After telling her secret to someone, it changed everything.”

B: “Everything. Such as?”

K: “I learned from that experience. It was a revelation.”


K: “So you’re finally going to let me talk?”

B: “Thought you didn’t wanna talk.”

K: “Of course I want to. But that was the lesson!”

B: “Yes. Honest boys like you get scraps and scars. Certainly no woman to lean on for warmth at night.”

K: “Yeah, so when I draw my last breath, she’ll be the last thought before the end.”

B: “Hah. You’ve drawn oversized life lessons from a few shitty experiences. Fucking edgelord.”

Having hurled his final insult, Boros laid on the ground and assumed his preferred sleeping position. So he was only looking for a verbal joust to sate his lust for conflict, Karma realized. Cultured barbarians were the worst indeed.