The royal desert city, Sharam

The royal city of Sharam was built across the only river that runs through the desert. The desert is an anomaly, it’s the only one that exists. As there are no differences in temperatures regardless how north or south you are, there should be no deserts. It’s a miracle to the locals, who tell the story of a traveler. He came to the desert when all it hosted were tiny warring tribes, and cut it in half. With the swing of his weapon, he parted the sea of sand and water gushed into the desert from the sea. Then, the traveler began a war, united the tribes under one banner and massacred the ones who failed to yield. And so, the civilization of Sharam was born, from blood and from water.

Bleaky Grinders, the wizard mafia!

I binged the Peaky Blinders in just a few nights. It’s the story of a bunch of Birmingham gypsies who, through trials and tribulations, become a formidable organized crime organization. And I’m going to steal the characters, to work as the conceptual backbone of one of the more central organizations of my story, the wizard mafia. As magic has been forbidden by law, it has gone underground and become a big black market business. The brothers will encounter these guys in their quest for new spells that could heal Tarot’s mysterious illness.

I might shift some things around, maybe even name the organization to be a less direct reference to the show.

Creation of the great river, story of the traveler

The great desert was a dead zone for aeons. The only known desert in the world, its origin is a mystery. As the climate is no hotter in any part of the world, the world having no sun and acting as its own light source, neither wind nor heat could have erased the vegetation of the great desert. There may be a dark mystery below the vast sea of sand…

The desert was home to many warring tribes, until the traveler came. With one swing of his sword, he cut the rock below the desert, his cut reaching the far seas in the west and the east. And somehow that united the tribes and this civilization was born and stuff, I’ll have to think more on this later.