Writing notes: Interesting concepts to toy with

Coin of the reaper: The reapers have no need or desire for gold. Living only for duty, their order handles all the bureaucratic functions among its members, each driven by the strongest sense of altruism and obligation. But they do have a currency nonetheless, the two-faced coin. This coin is essential to buy favors from the reapers, such as an exemption from judgement. A speaker of the language of creation who has been given this coin is safe. It’s also essential to cross the ocean, as the ferryman keeps watch. There are only a handful of men and women who possess this coin, and it is passed down through generations, protecting entire bloodlines.

Nembra’s origin story.

The ferryman.

More brainstorm on the historical society

The society of historians is an anomaly as organizations go. Its members have no ambitions to leverage their deep knowledge of the language of creation. Instead, their goal is to perfect what they call “the alchemy of truth”.

The associates of the organization believe in extreme self-restraint in the usage of magic. Even when persecuted, members do not retaliate using their arts. They believe in a prophecy, that they will play a key role in restoring balance to the world, but only if they hold true to their vows until that day comes.

Myth 2: Inspiration for this project

The Myth games were some of my favorite war strategy games. This video lists all the cool journal entries that preceded every campaign mission. I could play the same level tens of times, and still wouldn’t ever completely master it, forcing multiple play attempts, because of bullshit RNG and the A.I. responding to your plays, plus the absolutely overwhelming enemy armies. You often had a squad of 10-30 men only, against 200-300 enemies. You had to use high-ground positions, predict enemy movements, use formations with very quick on-the-fly improvisations, in reaction to mindboggling situations that would transpire.

Bleaky Grinders, the wizard mafia!

I binged the Peaky Blinders in just a few nights. It’s the story of a bunch of Birmingham gypsies who, through trials and tribulations, become a formidable organized crime organization. And I’m going to steal the characters, to work as the conceptual backbone of one of the more central organizations of my story, the wizard mafia. As magic has been forbidden by law, it has gone underground and become a big black market business. The brothers will encounter these guys in their quest for new spells that could heal Tarot’s mysterious illness.

I might shift some things around, maybe even name the organization to be a less direct reference to the show.

Remanor, Capitol of the Revisor Empire

The military nation of the revisors spans centuries. Formerly a race of hyper-muscular slaves that was specifically bred to serve as physical labor for an advanced civilization that perished mysteriously, the revisors survived their humble beginnings and became a dominant culture with the most powerful warriors and smartest tacticians the world has ever known. The secret to their power is a strange ore they mine from the mountain near which they built their capitol, Remanor. This ore they use to craft impenetrable armors and unbreakable weapons.

There are stories that inside of the mountain, there rests a relic of divine origin that is turning the rock into another mineral entirely. This has never been confirmed, as there is no path into the mountain’s depths. No other place on the planet is known to host this specific material, which is why the empire built their capitol near the mountain, with the bulk of their army there.