Concept Art: Magnus

The leader of the Order of the Reapers. He is a compassionate and rigid man who carries a heavy burden on his shoulders. He believes his work ensures peace and continuity of the remaining civilizations that struggle to contain magic. As even one rogue mage can cause extreme devastation, the Order treats all users of magic as threats. Magnus is young, unready to bear the weight of his position, he has never been the right person, but he must endure, as his predecessor perished under strange circumstances. There is simply no-one better to do what he does, so he endures and keeps the bureaucracy of murder running.

What makes Magnus horrifying is that he is not an emotionless killer. On the contrary, he believes completely in what he does, executing the mission of the Order with passion and vigor and a strong sense of duty. His actions are well justified, well thought through, he displays few personality flaws. He is an indomitable force in battle, a resourceful leader, a believer in justice and law. But ultimately, he is guided by a doctrine that may not be as founded in truth as he believes.

Karma is a bitch

The supposed main character of the story is a monk of Sharam, named only Karma. His design is developing… First idea was to make him like an emo Edward Elric. But he may become a K-pop idol instead!

Their world is at war with excellence. With the potent magic their bloodlines hold, the people of the world should be populating the star systems. Instead, the three dominant populations live in a theocratic medieval police state, a spiritually dead military state, and a socially incohesive sham democracy. Those are the remaining civilizations of the world, the rest were destroyed for reasons that have never been fully investigated.

Chapter 2 – The Dead Are Digging

Shovels, pickaxes, carts. Borrowed from nearby farms and mining towns. The workforce was borrowed as well, without an expiration date for return. The racket at the digsite was infernal, as thousands of walking corpses tinkered with their many tasks. For any work more complicated than shoveling sand and dirt and rock, they would’ve been unfit for. But for monotone, repetitive work, the dead were ideal. They knew no exhaustion when doing their master’s sinister bidding.

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