The Monasteries of Sharam

Under strict rulesets, men and boys attuned to the gods may study the Language of Creation. The limitations are extreme. Only some words allowed for study, for anything more would be blasphemous, a path to corruption. The monks of Sharam are taught to overcome their earthly desires, so they would use the Language only for healing.

But the monasteries are also safekeeping knowledge. The power that was explored in centuries past is held in books and scrolls at the monasteries inside of sections barred from but the most advanced devotees of the twin gods. It is this proximity to sin that inspires the monks to perfect their meditation, their prayer, their studies.

The church of the twin gods has strong affiliations with the royal family. This marriage of institutions legitimizes the rule of the family, as the church preaches allegiance to the state. In return, the church gains the privileged status of an official state religion. No other religions are allowed in Sharam. No other institution than the church may study the Language of Creation.

The monasteries used to collaborate with the Historical Society, but this relationship has grown strained. A growing number of prominent historians are disregarding the limitations set by the state. As curious academics seek deeper knowledge that could undermine religious dogma, the royals plot an intervention.

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