Remanor, Capitol of the Revisor Empire

The military nation of the revisors spans centuries. Formerly a race of hyper-muscular slaves that was specifically bred to serve as physical labor for an advanced civilization that perished mysteriously, the revisors survived their humble beginnings and became a dominant culture with the most powerful warriors and smartest tacticians the world has ever known. The secret to their power is a strange ore they mine from the mountain near which they built their capitol, Remanor. This ore they use to craft impenetrable armors and unbreakable weapons.

There are stories that inside of the mountain, there rests a relic of divine origin that is turning the rock into another mineral entirely. This has never been confirmed, as there is no path into the mountain’s depths. No other place on the planet is known to host this specific material, which is why the empire built their capitol near the mountain, with the bulk of their army there.

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