Magnus, leader of the reapers, gets lectured by his ex

Magnus is the current leader of the reapers. He is young, his predecessor was killed in field duty. He had to assume command before he was ready, and while he did a stellar job at rallying the order in the face of an onslaught of rogue wizards wrecking havoc across the three kingdoms, he was too insecure of his position, afraid to push for reforms the order severely needed. As times have quickly changed, the order is under pressure to adapt. They are simply too undiplomatic with their approach, preferring always to use brute force to advance their agendas.

Magnus recruited a slew of female magi to quickly bolster their ranks, and ended up sleeping with the best female reaper. She goes rogue. When they finally meet after her departure from the organization, they have this exchange:

G: “Violence is not always the answer! It’s the easiest answer, because you don’t want to spend the effort to think!”

M: “I think through my every decision with care. You know I do. I will not have you lecture me, traitor!”

G: “Traitor? I’m on your side, Magnus!”

M: “You left us in our time of need. That’s what traitors do.”

G: “You really believe that? There isn’t always a no-risk solution to complex situations, Magnus!”

M: “One magus gone mad will inspire other madmen! We have to purge them and everyone who survived them! Nobody knows magic exists, nobody will explore. We save many more lives! It’s mathematics, you can’t argue against that!”

G: “But that’s not true! Magic is everywhere, people just use it in secret! They use it to solve problems in their lives!”

M: “Then they’ll die!”

G: “I want to believe in a better world, you silly man! I know in my heart you’re not a killer!”

M: “You don’t know me. And your actions have cleared my thoughts on this. Women should never be reapers!”

G: “But there are no reapers without us! There are more female magi than male magi! We get a vote on how the order should be, and right now there are more of us, because you blockheads keep getting yourselves killed! There’s your math, Magnus!”

M: “I’ll take those as your fighting words.”

G: “No! I’m trying to reach you, but you never listen!”

M: “Since you’re so eager to usurp my position in the order, then ready your scythe!”

G: “Don’t do this, Magnus. While you were fighting to keep the order intact, I was fighting actual wizards. I’m stronger than you.”

M: “Then don’t hold back, woman.”

G: “You’ll die…”

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