Female reapers and further backstory for the order

Incidents and powers of rogue wizards have been increasing in recent years. The order of the reapers has been losing agents, as their opponents have become overwhelming to deal with at times. They’ve recruited female magic users to bolster their dwindling numbers. But while these killer ladies were obedient to the old code of conduct for a time, a cultural shift has been taking place. The order’s cynical methodology for dealing with problems, namely, killing all the rogue wizards and maintaining absolute secrecy of their order’s existence even at the cost of killing all witnesses. Basically, these guys kill everybody, and the female reapers go along with this for a while, until the sheer stupidity of it starts to piss them off.

And thus, perhaps a more diplomatic order will begin to emerge. Softer methods, less killing everybody. But the resistance within the order is fierce…

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