Chapter 1 Brainstorm Climax: Necromancer Turns the Tables

The brothers sneak through the ranks of the undead to speak with the necromancer. They try to solve the situation diplomatically, to prevent further violence. They seem to have the upper hand, with their newfound ally cutting through ranks of zombies with his battlehammer. The magic of the brothers is also fierce enough that they feel confident they can undo the rogue wizard’s shambling army. But then, the necromancer tells everyone to shut up. It’s his turn to speak.

In his possession is a journal. From it, he insinuates, he has learned spells that none of them have encountered before. Uttering just a few strange words, his shambling army is suddenly equipped with black armor and spears. The heroes are literally fucked.

One way the characters could survive is that the villain feels so superior, he leaves them behind unharmed, because they pose no threat to him. i’m thinking he has studied magic so deeply, he’s unlocked teleportation magic. he teleports right into the middle of the city the main characters were trying to protect from him, and he kills everyone.

after everyone is dead, the order of the reapers kills him and the zombies. but why didn’t they act any sooner?

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